How it works?

1. Choose your tour

By visiting the website, you'll choose which tour is the most suitable for you and family, friends....

If you need any further details to make a decision, don't hesitate to contact me.


2. Private tour or group tour

I can arrange either a special private tour for a couple or family or a more general tour in a group.

I'm running several 8 people vans with air conditioning ; Bus can be planned for bigger group ; contact me

​Check "Tours" tag for more details.

Use the "Contact us" tag for any specific request. 

3. Book the tour

Once you made your decision, please used the "Contact us" tag to send your request : which tour, private or group, number of person, date of the tour... Please sum up all data and not forget your email and phone number.

You'll receive a first answer within 48 hours to get further in your question.

Once everything is fine and clear, ; a booking confirmation is sent as well as a voucher to sum up data.

​following this method payment will be done by the end of the tour (if you did like it ).

Payment can be done in cash $ USD or  € euro - credit card is also welcome (charge in €).


You can also use the TripAdvisor tool to book the the tour. In this case payment will be done directly on their website.


4. D-Day

As explained within the email exchanges, we'll wait for you outside the ship, after walking the pontoon and pass the security check point.

Meeting place depends of the pier you are docked (there are 2 in Fort de France) --> Check the map for further information

We'll wait for you close to the tourist information office with a panel (name decide during the exchange - for instance something like "THOMAS'S GROUP" or  "BOB & LILI").

For 4 hours tour, the schedule meeting is usually 8:15 am (for 8:30 --> 12:30 tour) or 12.50 for the 1.00 PM

--> 5.00 PM tour

For the 5 & 6 hours tours, the schedule meeting is usually 8:45 am to assume departure around 9.00 am.

--> Schedule can change depending on cruise's ships schedules


5. Then...

More than a tour, I want this day in Martinique to be your day.... so it should be manage regarding what ever you like / wish / want to do...

So we'll manage the schedule regarding these points and also the maximum time you should be back at the ship.

The guide will keep you inform on that point.

Once back at the ship, or at home, you are welcome to put a comment on the website and tripadvisor ;  sent picture to share on the gallery...


Ask me anything! I'm here to answer any questions you have. 

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